Meet Beke

Beke Lubeach is an accomplished business professional in many ways.  Having left a very successful 20-year career in the professional sports industry in 2011, she started her own marketing services consulting business, Dog Bone Marketing Solutions, dedicated to helping pet product and service companies reach their customers.

Current Project

Beke is working to launch  PetExpo365 is an interactive, online, virtual trade show and pet product showcase connecting manufacturers and service providers in the pet industry to retail buyers 24/7/365. PetExpo365 will continually provide buyers access to quality pet goods and services while providing insight to the latest industry trends and innovations for pets.

Do You Have SMART Goals For Your Business?

How smoothly is your business moving forward? Are you progressing as well, or as quickly, as you'd imagined you would? Do you find you're spinning your wheels and not accomplishing all that you'd wanted to? Could it be because you haven't fully articulated your goals?...

Tips For Growing (Bootstrapping) A Business In The Pet Industry

Have you always dreamed of being a “petpreneur?” Has lack of funds kept you from moving forward even though you believe you have an incredible idea? Bootstrapping (growing a business with minimal money) is a way to realize your dream of business ownership without...

Innovative Products We Loved From Global Pet Expo 2018 (Part Two)

In case you missed it, here is a link to our first group of products we loved from #GlobalPetExpo Next up on our list, and there were thousands of new products and returning favorites at Global Pet Expo that we met with, talked to and were inspired by. Innovative...

Innovative Products We Loved From Global Pet Expo 2018 (Part One)

We made it back from Global Pet Expo 2018 intact and with our minds spinning from the quality, unique and innovative products we saw. Spending time with the innovators and creators of these products is always interesting -- we love hearing the stories and the...

How And Why To Generate New Leads

As pet business owners it's obvious if you don't generate new leads and continue to cultivate new clients you won't have a business. When you're busy in the day-to-day of running your business though it may be difficult to find the time, the bandwith or even have the...

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