Beke Lubeach is an accomplished business professional in many ways.  Having left a very successful 20-year career in the professional sports industry in 2011, she started her own marketing services consulting business, Dog Bone Marketing Solutions, dedicated to helping pet product and service companies reach their customers.

One of her most significant accomplishments was the launch and distribution of DOGTV, a television channel scientifically developed to help relax and entertain canine viewers.  The company reached out to Beke at their inception, looking to gain distribution of the channel with cable operators.  For the next four years, she worked with the organization based in Tel Aviv, Israel to develop a test market in San Diego, CA, generated awareness and gained feedback from pet parents ultimately leading to the distribution of the channel on DIRECTV.  The channel is now a premium option for DIRECTV subscribers in the United States and is available streaming online and in 13 countries around the world.

During the launch of DOGTV, Beke developed numerous cause marketing programs and 3rd party partnership to create awareness for the channel.  Most significantly, she was able to provide the channel to the Escondido Humane Society/San Diego Humane Society where they saw a marked difference in the anxiety of dogs that had been living in the shelter for long periods of time.  This was recognized nationally through various media outlets leading to the installation of DOGTV in shelters and boarding facilities throughout the United States.

Beke was also successful in helping other pet industry brands launch their businesses including Kristen Levine Pet Living, PetBox, and  Her passion has been working on cause marketing efforts with Dog is Good, a lifestyle brand for dog lovers.  Here she developed 3 separate cause marketing opportunities for the brand to partner with non-profit organizations, leading to extended brand recognition and revenue generation for both parties.  All of the three partnerships were year-long endeavors. In each partnership, Dog is Good created products to benefit non-profits.  Leader Dogs for the Blind, Freedom Service Dogs and Dogs on Deployment were the three recipients of the cause marketing efforts.

Beke has been instrumental in working to launch and/or garner awareness for innovative clients including Figo Pet Insurance, Evolution Dog Wash, Pet Perennials, Delectable Dane and Wag-A-Matic K9 Kiosks.

Currently, Beke is working to launch Dog E-Discounts.  A membership that connects dog-parents and pet products, services and destinations.  Each dog-parent member receives discounts from the businesses, ultimately leading to new business through awareness and increased traffic.  Dog E-Discounts will be available in local markets, starting with the Phoenix, AZ metro area, offering discounts on boarding and daycare, pet retail, grooming, training, products, and much more.  Members will also receive discounts on dog-friendly dining, apartment rentals, and hotels that allow dogs.  The memberships will benefit local shelters and rescues and will provide them a fundraising opportunity through membership sales.

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