We made it back from Global Pet Expo 2018 intact and with our minds spinning from the quality, unique and innovative products we saw. Spending time with the innovators and creators of these products is always interesting — we love hearing the stories and the inspiration behind the products they’ve created.

In order to keep this blog shorter than a novel, we’ve chosen our top ten products from the show (in a two-part blog post) to share with you. We urge you to check them out, try them out and let us know what you think!

Our favorite #GlobalPetExpo products in no particular order:

We chose these products because they are new and innovative ways to help keep your pets healthy & happy!

Aquapaw: Pet Bathing In The Palm Of Your Hand — This product won Global’s Best In Show in the Dog Category.

Why we loved it: If you’re a pet parent and have ever bathed your dog you know the  loud, spraying water gives many pets anxiety. When you use Aquapaw, you keep the spray to a minimum, so the dog gets less stressed and you get less mess! With the Aquapaw, the water is (literally) in the palm of your hand.

As their website describes the product: “The Aquapaw is the world’s first wearable sprayer/scrubber combination that can be turned on and off by simply making a fist. Its one-size-fits-all design allows you to better control your pet as well as the flow of water while you clean your best friend.”

PetTao: This is an “East Meets West” philosophy in pet food, treats and supplements. The food line was developed using the principles of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine and contain balanced, fresh and palatable ingredients.

Why we loved it: We are believers in a “less is more” approach to medicating our pets and if a pet parent can use both Western and Eastern food and medical principles to keep their pets safe, healthy and happy, we are happy to say it was a product we loved!

CLAWGUARD: Full disclosure here, CLAWGUARD is a client of Dog Bone Marketing, but it’s something that every pet parent should know about so we added them to the list. The door shields, protective tape and furniture protectors keep your doors, window sills and furniture from damage done by your dogs and cats.

Why we loved it: This was a product truly born of need. The founder, Kevin Dixon, was at a loss with his adopted dog, Foster, who destroyed many doors and caused Kevin to lose a lot of money in lost rent security deposits. Kevin was looking for a way to protect the doors in his new home and invented the CLAWGUARD. The product easily slips over a doorknob (no tools needed) and protects the door and the door jamb.

The protection tape and furniture shield are products that keep your cats claws from shredding your furniture.  Because loving your pet doesn’t mean letting them damage your home.

Surgi-Snuggly (The Wonder Suit): Another client of ours, but again a product that every pet parent may need during the life of their pet.  If you’ve ever had a dog in a cone, then you need to look into Surgi~Snuggly products.

Why we loved it: We loved that making an investment in the antimicrobial suit is one that you won’t use only one time — as you would with an e-collar aka “the cone of shame.” The Surgi-Snuggly serves multiple purposes: dog incontinence (holds a diaper in place); e-collar alternative (this is hard on the dog and the pet parent); anxiety relief (this suit “holds your dog tight” and can help alleviate anxiety); skin allergies (Surgi ~ Snuggly™ Derma Suit is your dermatology solution).

The CEO of Surgi-Snuggly, Tonua Williams, has made it her mission to “provide meaningful, useful products for you and your pets ensuring your lives together are the fullest, healthiest and happiest!” We can get behind that!

Doc & Phoebe’s Cat Co. is the “bowl-free, natural way to feed your cat.”

Why we loved it: If you have ever lived with a cat who does the “scarf and barf” you learn to dread dinner time. The Indoor Hunting Feeder is a fun and easy way to get away from the scarf and barf scenario, helps alleviate anxiety and curb destructive behaviors in your cats. The Indoor Hunting Feeder was designed by a veterinarian who knows that when a cat instinctually “hunts” for his or her food that he is happier and healthier because of it.

How it works: You fill the mouse-shaped feeders with your cats’ kibble and hide the “mice” around the house. Your cat will hunt for the feeders, bat them around and kibble falls out. It slows down their eating and feeds into their need to hunt.

Stay tuned next week for Part Two of Innovative Products We Loved From Global.

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