In case you missed it, here is a link to our first group of products we loved from #GlobalPetExpo

Next up on our list, and there were thousands of new products and returning favorites at Global Pet Expo that we met with, talked to and were inspired by.

Innovative Products We Loved From Global Pet Expo 2018

PetSafe and its Grip and Tug Toy:  If you have a dog who is an active player and tends to get “mouthy” when he’s tugging on a toy, this is a great item. Your dog gets all of the fun of tug of war and your hand is protected by the unique covered handle.

Why we love it: We know that dogs love to chew and that tug of war is great fun for them — well and for the pet parent, too! We also know that dogs — not only the bigger breeds — get so excited when they’re playing that they can inadvertently grab the pet parent’s hand while they’re tugging on the rope. The grip protects your hand and as a pet parent your hands stay clean and not covered in dog spit!

Reconnecting with pet industry pros

Reconnecting with pet industry pros

HABRI: This is not a product, but we embrace the mission that HABRI (Human Animal Bond Research Institute) follows to: Establish, through science and advocacy, the vital role of companion animals in the health and well-being of individuals, families and communities.

Why we loved it: Because I had such a close relationship with my dog, Jake, I understand the role that we play in the lives of our dogs, as pet parents. I also understand the vital role that Jake played in my life; that is a bond that cannot be minimized, ignored or denied.  The research being done by HABRI proves what many of us pet parents already know…pets make our lives better!

Dog Is Good and its Instant Odor Eliminator: Known for their products with a message to remind us all how great it feels to be with Dog, Dog is Good has developed an Instant Odor Eliminator to help us live better (fresher smelling) with our dogs.

Why we loved it: The Instan Odor Eliminator is bio-degradable and completely non-toxic which means it’s safe to use on or near our pets!  It’s a medical grade material that contains NO enzymes.

Messy Mutts (Because Being A Dog Is Messy Business) This Canadian-based company has developed products that keep the mess your dogs and cats make to a minimum.

Why we loved it: The products have unique and many retro colors that would add to the home decor, rather than simply being a dog or cat bowl in the corner of your kitchen. Feeding multiple pets means you’re amping up the mess and being able to contain splashed water and spilled food into an easy-to-wash space makes dinner clean up easier. We also liked that the dog and cat beds had probiotic technology that provide continuous, non-toxic odor control.

The products’ founders, Chris and Lauren’s, dogs were the inspiration behind the fashionable and functional dog and cat products.

This week we head off to the BlogPaws 10th anniversary conference in Kansas City.

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