Shopping for the perfect gift can be stressful.  You want to give your friends and family meaningful gifts they will cherish and/or use throughout the year, but what do you get the pet-lover in your life that can really make a lasting impact?  Another dog-bone, cat nip toy or leash is so overdone.  We’ve put together a list of functional and unique gifts to consider this holiday season:

A Gift For Any Pet Lover

My Pooch Face custom pet portraits are one of the most unique and memorable gift you can give any pet parent.  The custom

themed portraits for $89 allow you to customize your gift for any dog, cat or horse lover.  The digitally drawn portraits starting at $129 and hand painted portraits starting at $295 are real works of art that can be showcased in any home or office.  Visit My Pooch Face to place your order today.  Use the code DOGEDISCOUNTS$20 to get $20 off your order.

A Gift For A Pet Parent with a New Puppy, Kitten or Anxious Pet

We love our dogs and cats, but let’s face it, they can cause damage to your home when you’re away. It’s especially stressful for them during the holiday season.  If you have friends and family whose dogs or cats are chewing or scratching up the house, they will be so thankful you’ve provided them with such a thoughtful gift that can also protect their home. CLAWGUARD, the Ultimate in Home Scratch Protection, has created CLAWGUARD Door Shields and CLAWGUARD Protection Tape.  The products help protect your home where pets scratch most.  The Door Shields guard your doors, door frame and provide partial wall coverage.  Protection Tape can be used on window sills, furniture, glass, weather stripping and more. Designed to match any décor and no hardware needed!  Learn more about CLAWGUARD, how it works and for helpful pet tips.  Use the code CLAWGUARD20 to get 20% off your purchase.

The Gift That Keeps Giving All Year Long

DOGTV’s unique and original programming has been scientifically-developed and tested to provide 24-hour, dog-approved content. The channel features programming split into three categories – relaxation, stimulation and exposure to environmental stressors. These three unique channels work collaboratively to provide the ideal balance for the daily routine of your dogs.  DOGTV is available on-line which means your dog can enjoy the programming at home or on the road.  The DOGTV holiday gift packs retails for $49.99 + s&h for a six-month DOGTV On-Line subscription or $79.99 + s&h for a twelve-month DOGTV On-Line subscription.  Your purchase of the gift card for DOGTV On-Line also includes these bonus items: a DOGTV T-Shirt and Portable Water Bowl, the gift boxes boxes will be filled with gifts valued at more than $80 from pet-focused businesses.  See more at:

A Gift For The Pet Parent Fighting Pet Hair

Anyone who has a pet or spends time around them knows how much hair and mess they can create. The PetWISP is a broom that uses a patented Bristle Seal Technology. The short, indestructible polymer-based bristles positioned at a 90-degree angle to the surface creates a bristle bond like none other. The MiniWISP ($12.99) is a great stocking stuffer or the WISP Cleaning Set ($39.95) is a great gift for any pet parent. Visit and receive 30% off your purchases all week.

A Gift for the Technology Lover

Dogs are smart. Really smart! And research shows regularly exercising your dog’s brain is necessary for them to stay happy, healthy and out of trouble. That’s where PupPod comes in! This fun, interactive, high-tech puzzle game gives your dog the mental stimulation he craves and automatically keeps challenging him as he learns. PupPod uses a combination of sensors, lights and sounds to encourage your dog to use his brain to solve a puzzle and earn a reward. Puzzles are simple at first, and then automatically get harder as your dog gets smarter. Stats are recorded after each session, and achievements can be shared on social media and in the PupPod community.  Visit and use the code DBM20 for $20 off.

A Gift For The Pet Parent Who Has Lost a Beloved Pet

Cuddle Clones for those that have lost a pet recently, the holidays will be especially difficult.  Cuddle Clones are handmade with the most premium plush materials – they are extremely soft and cuddly.  You have to feel them to believe it!  They choose from literally hundreds of synthetic fabrics to find the exact one for your pet.  Cuddle Clones take time to create so if you order now, they will be delivered early-to-mid January.  Visit use the DBMS15 to receive 15% off your order thru  1/31/2018.


What’s on your holiday wish list now that we’ve helped you with ideas for the pet lover on your list!

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